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Media Kit

With over 50,000 Russian speakers in the Portland Metro Area and another 150,000 in the NW region of the United States, the Russian community is one of the largest, yet untapped advertising pools that can help increase your brand awareness, expand your reach and attract new customers.

Afisha Advertising Agency specializes in advertising directly to the Russian speaking community in Oregon, Washington. We help our clients reach untapped Slavic-speaking markets and boost their revenues and sales by connecting them with Russian and Ukrainian speakers over a variety of platforms. We currently publish two magazines, a newspaper and manage two radio stations, as well as provide digital advertising on our portals to help your ad reach as many of the 200,000 Slavic speakers in the area as possible.

Russian is currently the third most spoken language in Oregon, after English and Spanish. Afisha Advertising helps you reach your future clients in their own language by providing you with premium translation, design and radio spot production services.

With over 25 years of experience, Afisha is the first advertising agency to provide marketing services for companies looking to reach ethnic and Russian-speaking communities in the Northwest. Leveraging our expertise, extensive connections and wide advertising network, we help your company tap into previously undiscovered markets and put your business on the right track to success.

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